No more rolled up plastic, tape, adhesives, paint, watermarks or wrinkles in your aquarium backgrounds. 

 EZ Background is rigid and won't ever wrinkle. 

Upload your own picture today or choose from

our growing library. With our specialized clips you 

can attach a new background to your aquarium

in minutes.  

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Eco Level is a shelf system/planting bed for your tank. Eco Level lets you use the vertical space in your tank like never before. They are stackable shelves made of high quality crystal clear acrylic. Every Eco Level has a hole on the side for air-stone installation.  

The Eco Level also creates new territories for the fish in your tank. The Eco Level is not only used for fish but also turtles, lizards, mice, snakes, corals and more. 


Check out the video below for one filling technique.